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Corn gluten meal

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Corn gluten meal is the by-product of starch factory after produced corn starch. Its raw material is corn, by peeling, crashing, deslagging, and extracting starch and then concentrate, dried the yellow water to get protein products. It is rich in protein, can be used as feed additives. Compared with industrial fish meal and soybean cake, it has strong advantage in resource, high feeding value, no harmful substances,  do not need further processing, can be directly used as plant protein source.
Cow:  Using corn gluten meal as , can help  the rumen’s undigestion protein to be better digested and absorbed by small intestine
Pig:  good palatability, easy to digest and absorb. Improve the daily  weight gain, and increase pigs’ body length and chest circumference.
Chicken:  Using corn gluten meal as the main feed, the laying rate  can be increased 15%. Can prevent chicken cartilage disease and other diseases,  improve the egg protein quality, deepen the egg’s color, make chicken’s skin and legs become yellow, contains linoleic acid, it can promote the lipid metabolism of chicken, promote the polymerization of essential amino acids.

Name Corn Gluten Meal
Protein Content (dry basis) 50%min 55%min 60%min
Moisture (dry basis) 12% max 12% max 12% max
Crude Fat (dry basis) 10% max 8% max 5% max
Crude Fiber (dry basis) 5% max 4% max 3% max
Crude Ash (dry basis) 4% max 3% max 3% max
Lutein 180mg/g min
Animal Type Dosage
Chicken 3%-5%
Pig 15%
Cattle 30%
Package: 50kg/bag
Shelf  life: 24 months
Storage: Store it at a dry and cool place without direct sun light