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1The basic information

English Name: lysine
Abbreviations: Lys, single letter abbreviations: K
Chemical structureSimple type H2NCH2CH2CH2CH2The CH (NH2) COOH
Molecular formula: C6H14N2O2
CAS No. 56-87-1
Relative molecular mass: 146.19

2Deficiency symptoms

The lack of lysine Symptoms include fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, growth retardation, anemia etc.. Can be in the Medical College
Industry personnel advice take lysine nutrition supplements. The recommended intake of lysine daily children per pound of body weight 10 mg, adult day in between 3000-9000 mg. It has been proven to be beneficial for some specific disease. Known lysine efficacy including herpes labialis caused by treatment of herpes simplex virus and herpes zoster. Intake of lysine can greatly shorten the healing time. Studies have shown that, it can improve the immune system, resisting herpes and herpes zoster virus effect,
Some studies also suggest that, lysine effect may also include preventing bone loss (can cause osteoporosis), because it can help the body tissue to absorb calcium. Combined with other amino acid can promote bone activity, and by increasing the femaleCollagenPreventionOsteoporosisDisease. The increase of collagen can promote bone and connective tissue is stronger and more flexible.
The study also revealed that, lysine binding and some non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, canSuccessTreatment with PMS and menstruation related migraine headache and abdominal cramps. Although further research is needed to obtain a more definite answer, but the possibility of lysine to improve these problems make researchers very excited.
Lysine is a kind of amino acids needed by the body, a kind of indispensableNutrients. People know, proteins constitute the main component of human cells, the protein in food into the body through the digestive first broken down into amino acids, the body then and the use of these amino acids and protein synthesis of human new, such as immune antibody,Digestive enzyme, plasma protein, growth hormone is the body protein synthesis after. In all kinds of amino acid in protein synthesis, L- lysine is one of the most important, without it, other amino acids is restricted or not use, scientists say it is the body's firstThe essential amino acid. The scientists also found that, L- lysine is an important substance human growth suppression of growth hormone (Somatotation, SS) in the most important and most essential ingredient, to people of the central and peripheral nervous system plays an important role. The body cannot synthesize the L- lysine, must from food absorbed lysine is the key material to help other nutrients by the body fully absorbed and utilized, the human body onlySupplementEnough L- lysine can improve foodProteinAbsorption and utilization, so as to achieve balanced nutrition, promoteGrowth and development. The role of:
1, improve intelligence, promote growth, enhanceConstitution.
2, increase appetite, improve malnutrition.
3, improve sleep, enhanceMemory.
4, to help produce antibodies, hormones and enzymes, enhance immunity, increase hemoglobin.
5, helpCalciumAbsorption, treatment and PreventionOsteoporosis
6, reduce blood triglyceride levels, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3Chemical property

Lysine methylation related modification: the epsilon amino is a commonPost translational modification, forming a methyl, two methyl and three methyl lysine. Trimethyllysine will occur in theCalmodulinIn. In addition, lysine residues canAcetylationAndUbiquitinEtc.Modification.CollagenContaining hydroxyl lysine is composed of lysine by lysyl hydroxylase hydroxylation and.Endoplasmic reticulumOrThe Golgi apparatus, hydroxyl lysine residuesO-GlycosylationCan be used to mark specific protein fromCellThe secretion.
Lysine, also known as L - lysine hydrochloride, is an essential amino acid. It is necessary for the body of nutrients, but his body can not produce it. It must be obtained through diet and nutritional supplements. As a kind ofAmino acid, it is part of a protein essential for. The nutrient to an important role for the proper growth and development of body. It isCarnitineAn important part of production. Carnitine is responsible for some of the unsaturated fatty acid intoEnergy, also help lower cholesterol levels.
Lysine and other effects on the body. It formed together and other nutritionCollagen. The collagen in the connective tissue,Bone,Muscle, played an important role in tendon and cartilage. In addition, lysine can also help the body absorb calcium.
A diet deficient in lysine ammonia acid is relatively common. One vegetarian usually occurred at a higher rate, some athletes without taking proper diet will also appear to lack of lysine problem.ProteinLow intake (e.g.BeansPlant,Pea,LentilsEtc.) may also lead to low intakes of lysine.

4The main purposes

Used as food supplements and feed additive, rye, rice,CornAnd peanut powder containing lysine limiting amino acid, wheat, sesame, oats contain lysine is the first limiting amino acid.

Product standards

Index name Feed grade Food grade Pharmaceutical grade
Chun Fang (content,%) More than 98 More than 98.5 More than 98.5
Solution PH 5.6~6.0 5.6~6.0 5.6~6.0
Specific rotation [a]D +18.0 degrees ~22.0 degrees +19.0 degrees ~21.5 degrees +20.5 degrees ~21.5 degrees
Dry weight loss (%) Less than or equal to 1.5 Less than or equal to 0.6 Less than or equal to 0.1
Residue on ignition (%) Less than or equal to 0.5 Less than or equal to 0.3 Less than or equal to 0.1
Chloride (CI,%) - 19.0~19.6 19.1~19.5
Ammonium salt (NH,%) Less than or equal to 0.04 Less than or equal to 0.02 Less than or equal to 0.02
Sulfate (SO2,%) - Less than or equal to 0.03 Less than or equal to 0.03
Iron (Fe, mg/kg) - - Less than or equal to 30
Arsenic (Ag, mg/kg) Less than or equal to 2 Less than or equal to 2 Less than or equal to 2
Heavy metal (Pb, mg/kg) Less than or equal to 30 Less than or equal to 20 Less than or equal to 10
Paper chromatography A little
(sample 10mg)
A little
(sample 30mg)
A little
(sample 50mg)
The heat source - - No